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Auto Glass Repair

As a car owner, you must by now be aware that a cracked or broken glass posses a great threat to your safety and that of passengers when using the car. Good news is, you can now easily repair and cracks which may be on the your auto glass and still safe a significant sum without any compromise on the safety levels you might be interested in. in fact, at the moment there are a variety of auto glass repair / replacement options to choose from. In case you are looking to make repairs, you should seriously look for a qualified professional and also take into consideration the following details about auto glass repair.

A. Types of auto glass used for repairs / making replacements

Windshield auto glass is made very different from regular glass. In fact, during the manufacture of these types of glasses, a lot of emphasis is put on safety measures hence the reason there are a variety of options to choose from as outlined below. Examples of common types of auto glass include the following:

a. Tempered glass

This type of glass is made slightly thicker than normal. As a result of that it is usually harder to break compared to regular glass. The best thing about it is the fact that in case it shatters, it breaks into very tiny pieces and not into sharp pieces or harmful shards. All this is accomplished through the use of heating and chemical reaction to change the properties of regular glass before it is finally fitted onto the automobile.

b. Laminated glass

This is a rather very specific type of glass for automobiles [usually made out of layers]. One side is usually a layer of glass, plastic in between and the the other side has glass as well. One very interesting thing about this type of glass is the fact that when it cracks / gets damaged, it cracks creating a spider like web of cracked glass. The best thing about this type of glass is the fact that it can easily be repaired especially if it simply has a few chips or small cracks.This type of automobile glass is commonly used on the side of the car where human impact is considered most eminent e.g. doors.

Usually a special plastic resin is injected into the glass to help strengthen it as well as help it restore its former strengthen level for instance after repairs etc

c. Bullet proof glass

This is not the usual type of glass in any way. In fact, it is made stronger, difficult and resistant to breakage. The best thing about it is the fact that in the event that it breaks, it is designed not to shatter into sharp pieces likely to cause any harm to passengers whatsoever the case.

The best thing about these types of glasses is the fact that: besides simply reducing the likely hood of injuries in case of breakage e.g. an accident, they also generally serve as a guarantee for safety. The process of auto glass repair.

B. Below is an overview of the auto glass repair / replacement process.

i. First off, a detailed evaluation of the damage on the glass is carried out. It is at this point that all chips or cracks are closely examined to establish their exactly sizes and depth to ascertain the level of threat they pose to general safety especially of passengers.

ii. Following the analysis of chips and cracks, those found to be around 6 inches long are all fixed using resin auto glass repairs. This repair technique is however only applicable to faults present on the top most layer of the glass. In cases where both layers of the glass are damaged/need repair replacements are considered the best way forward.

iii. Once the best best way to carry out the repairs or make the glass replacements the technicians with the help of specialized tools use special cured resin to fill the damage and create a smooth finish. The fix is usually an easy process that is cheap and takes a very short period of time.

iv. For repairs of cracks, after the use of resin it is left to dry off after to allow the repairs made blend with the rest of the surrounding windshield.

C. Benefits of taking advantage of mobile auto glass repair services

i. Cost efficient

Comparing the cost of auto glass replacement/repair to tradition auto glass handling services, a mobile service is cheaper. In fact, most mobile repair services are specialized hence besides low costs, you are equally guaranteed professionalism.

ii. Convenient

Regardless of where your vehicle is, in case you are in need auto glass repair services, your needs will be taken care of. This way, you will not have to worry about having to schedule your normal day around having your windshield repairs.

iii. Time

Mobile auto glass repairs will save you the time and trouble of having to commute to the technicians/auto glass repair workshop each time you need repairs or windshield replacement done.

Bottom line.

Repairing your windshield is very important and since most auto glass shops currently provide a variety of very flexible auto glass repair services which include coming right to where the automobile is with mobile windshield replacement service – then there is no need to delay, get it done today.

Article submitted by: Simon @ http://www.autoglass-atlanta.com/